Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I know, I know...

Ahh, life.
The Big Idea has been on a three-week hiatus but we are going to be back in fine fighting form in no time. The problem with a project like this is it's not a money-making thing.
We are all working on this project in our spare time; right now most of us are in that place in our lives where passions and money have not yet met up, or not completely, anyway.
So, there's the job for money, and the job for love.
As the producer/director of this webseries, and the writer of the blog, I'll admit, I haven't reached that place yet where passions and money intersect. I have my "money-job", and then I have my "passion-job", or as I prefer to call it, my "sanity-job". And lately, my sanity-job has taken a back seat to my money-job. This is clearly not sustainable, and thankfully the hours at money-job are dwindling, so hopefully sanity-job can take the forefront again.
Skyping with one of my camera operators later this afternoon. Shooting the Kickstarter video next week. Things should be rolling again in no time.
Updates to come.