Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things are Moving!

Well hey there foxy fresh viewers. We're still not dead and we're actually, seriously, for realsies seriously no-foolin' gearing up to send out your incredibly, very very long overdue rewards! 
We had a very productive and awesome edit session last night with our resident editor-in-chief Danny Fogarty. Danny is working on a feature with the most tight of deadlines and yet is still managing to throw together amazing shit like this tag for the beginning and ends of our videos:
Doesn't that just stir up inspiration in your heart? And make you so excited for your treats (Kickstarter donors)? You should have seen him work his magic last night, folks. He moves so fast he's, like, one step away from Minority Report. I think I was watching the actual video less than watching him move like a damn wizard.
So Danny and I have been playing around with the format of the series and have finally come to a conclusion: no traditional 'episodes'. Who watches anything over three minutes on YouTube these days anyway?
Here's what we're going to do: collections. Each theme has its own collection of interviews, animations, stories, etc. Youtube will have playlists. Vimeo will have channels. You can watch all the clips in a row, or pick and choose what you want.
And kickstarter donors, rather than getting a DVD, will get a thumb drive with exclusive extended interview clips that won't be available anywhere else. Because it's 2014 not 2002 and who really uses DVDs anymore? Not even my grandma, that's who.
Once we get the exclusive clips and upload them to all of the thumb drives, your kickstarter rewards will be well on their way.
I'll be emailing all of you backers to confirm your addresses since my list is a year and a half old now. I know, I know. I'm a terrible kickstarter-reward-distributor. But they are on their way. I swear.
[keep you posted]
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