Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't forget

Are you a screen printer, or do you know someone who is? WELL, you and/or they are in luck, 'cause The Big Idea is having a poster contest!
Our colleague at the Contreras-Gabriel project, Diana Gabriel, approached us to partner up for a poster contest. We'd offer up our themes, and she'd display the winners at Morton College.
Diana's sculpture in the Willis Tower lobby. She's legit.
The contest is also a print exchange, so you get copies of all the other winning posters.

Link after the jump!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cameron Moore & Michael Una

Well, the Kickstarter campaign is pending approval. The video isn't quite done -- I'm doing some last minute tweaks this week -- but I got antsy and decided to submit it with the last fine cut. Now it's just a waiting game, reloading the page every few hours to no avail...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello friends and readers,
Happy New Year, belatedly. If you look at the blog, you would think nothing much is going on here at The Big Idea, but that is, like, so totally a fallacy, guys. Lots and lots has totally been happening around here, I swear.
We're more than halfway through January and things are really picking up steam. We're going try to be better at this whole blog updating thing. The Facebook page and Twitter feed are more reflective of how busy we are. Almost done with the month and we've printed 1,000 promotional postcards with info for the kickstarter, locked down all of our prizes, interviewed some brilliant musicians, got a poet to write something for each episode, and saw a 3-D camera in action.
So, we're about three weeks away from the Kickstarter launch, tentative date being February 10th. Things are going smoothly -- the video is nearing completion, as we try our best to make the sound not terrible. Video isn't too hard to fix mistakes with, but sound...if the sound sucks, you're screwed. There's no getting around that. Learned lesson #1 of making this webseries: time to buy a lavalier microphone. For you non-filmmakers out there, it's a mic you clip to a person's shirt. It's way better for picking up just their voice and not the sounds going on all around them (especially traffic, which has doubled the length of the last two interviews we've done just from stopping the subject as a truck drove by).
This is where things like the kickstarter and any grants we manage to get would come in handy. HINT HINT.

The two interviews this week were awesome too -- more on that next week.

More soon, we promise! In the meantime, check out our other pages!