Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My job is my good luck charm. It's not a job even remotely related to my field. In fact you can assume most servers are not working in their chosen field, which I guarantee you has something to do with arts. But my job has given me more amazing connections than any film-related job I've ever had.

This is a short list of people that I've already found at my job:
-The band that is working on the theme song for my show, regulars that came in on the overnight shift. You can check them out at My theme song will be an adapted version of the opening of "Please Not Pulsars" from their EP "Signs of Life". I'll be directing a music video for them in return.
-A sound guy to consult with, does location sound work for TV shows mostly. A regular at my place of employment, he was awesome enough to eavesdrop in on a conversation with one of my customers in which I mentioned my film degree.
-A writer to help me structure the episodes; he's one of my bosses and has already given me some stellar advice. 

And last week alone...
-An all-purpose friend-of-artists and animator. This insanely talented cake decorator at my job has a ton of friends desperate to help out other artists. SCORE. I need's the second-best way to get people to help you. After money. She's also doing an animation for me.
-A guy who does LASER SHOWS. This one almost made me pee myself. Dude does all the laser shows for the United Center! And is friends with physicists and stuff! Lasers are the shit.

Project is picking up steam. We'll be really rolling second week in January. Keep checking back for updates!

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