Friday, February 3, 2012

Keeping on keeping on

Filming has been pushed back a bit, but The Big Idea is still going. In the past few weeks the pre-production has really started to gel.
In opening titles news, we have come up with concept art and a rough storyboard for the opening titles thanks to the super-talented Jay Patton. We have also developed several different versions of the opening theme from Glittermouse!
We're also happy to welcome Nic Wehrwein on board as a writer and have his help gathering all the puzzle pieces and putting them together. We're narrowed the first season down to six episodes. Keep reading for a sneak peek at the season one episode themes!
The season one episode themes will include:
We'll be exploring a variety of topics through these themes -- we already have some really interesting people lined up ready to interview, as well as some fascinating stories and experiments! Oh, you just wait. We are starting filming this month and already have a lot on our plate. A few very talented animators are also already working on concept art for some animated sequences, too. So much going on, it's great.
The Kickstarter campaign has been pushed back from March 15th to May 1st, just in time for everyone to start getting their tax returns. Spend some of that windfall on our project, yo!
In the meantime, the Big Idea will be applying for the Digital Media Production Fund through Chicago Filmmakers and the Chicago Instructional Technology Foundation. The due date is March 19th, so we're frantically gathering everything...a month and a half seems far away, but it never really is!
Updates soon! Keep checking back.

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