Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interviewee of the Week: Dr. Marsha Rosner

We're back, everyone!
And as always, don't think that just because we're not updating means we're not up to much. A few weeks ago we returned to Mimi's Garden to talk to Amy Fowler about the harsh winter and long spring effects on her garden. We also talked about honey bees and what they mean to us as a species. Heavy stuff, considering their recent disappearances.
Speaking of bees, one of our animators, Jeremy Wiss, has been working on a stop-motion animation of a bee going through a garden.
That's just the start of it. More animations are starting to roll in, and interviews are starting to build up. We're inching ever closer to the end of production, which should wrap in September.

Yesterday was a great day. We headed down the University of Chicago to interview Dr. Marsha Rosner, a cancer research expert.

Where Dr. Rosner works
On the South Side UChicago Campus
You can read more about what she does here. It's interesting, but a little science-y, so to sum it up: basically, Dr. Rosner studies how cells communicate (using something called 'intracellular transduction pathways') and what changes with that communication when cells become cancerous.

The interview was fantastic. We talked a little about Dr. Rosner's daughters, who seem to be doing great things with their lives that marry art and science, which is a topic close to our hearts as an experimental, artistic show about science.

Dr. Rosner had some really great things to say about cancer growth and put what she was saying in insightful, easily understandable terms. We got an hour of footage but the interview felt like ten minutes.

At the end of the interview Dr. Rosner showed us this lovely piece of art, which a friend of hers made. He was replicating the results of an experiment he did for her, using flowers. We wish we had gotten her describing it on camera because the process he used was fascinating but alas, it was too much awesome science for our artist brains to remember the details.

Here's that cool piece of art. Art and science, woo!

We got so much good interview footage with Dr. Rosner, we don't even know where to start.

And there's quite a bit more on the horizon.

Until next time...

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