Friday, August 3, 2012

The Gemini Capsule

Lots of stuff is going on here around The Big Idea.
We had an awesome meeting this week with Cameron Moore (of the electronic band When Clouds Attack) and Michael Una of Unatronics, two very talented gentlemen who are working on building the instrument you see in the video above. It's called The Gemini Capsule, and it's a nifty little instrument where each knob controls an aspect of what's playing (tempo, pitch, etc).
This was all we planned to interview the guys on when, digging deeper into our opinions on music and sound they started getting into the nifty, fascinating world of circuit bending and opened a whole new can of worms.
The link provided tells you all about the details of circuit bending, but it's basically where a person opens up a simple electronic instrument (we saw some children's toys and there were some mentions of a since-sold cop-shaped cookie jar that talked when you opened it) and mess around with the circuits inside, causing the instrument to make all sorts of interesting, funny, weird sounds. Simply licking your fingers and touching the motherboard wires work, but these guys went as far as to stick screws in the instrument and put clamps on the screws (we got to play with one of these -- a small keyboard -- and moving the clamps from screw to screw made the tempo, beats and notes change. Pretty fun).
A perfect subject for the show; circuit-bending is all about learning by tinkering and exploring. Michael called himself something along the line of an engineer by experimentation. Between the two of them, Cameron being more of the software guy and Michael more into the hardware, they've got a great team going, and we here at The Big Idea are sure looking forward to our official interview for episode 104, the episode on Waves.
Also in the works:
-An interview with gardener Amy Fowler of Mimi's Garden, we'll be exploring her garden for episode 103 (Growth) and talking about the disappearance of the honey bee and what it could mean for us fpor Episode 101 (Extinction).
-Another interview with a registered dietician (thanks to Cameron and Michael!) for episode 105 (Nourishment)
-Also for the Episode on Nourishment, we're trying to get interviews with Pastry Chef Amanda Cline of West Town Bakery and The Travelling Cowboy Chef John Wayne Formica.
-We're also proud to say we're close to locking down an editor, who also produces and directs. You can check out Aaron Trager's own work here.
-Also, we are close to locking down a composer too.
-We've also taken aboard another awesome camera guy, Mario Contreras, a veteran documentarian and an all-around great guy with a ton of experience and advice.
-In addition to that, Mario's amazingly talented artist wife Diana Gabriel, is helping us put together a poster contest/art exhibit slated to go up next Spring. Keep an eye out for it, we'll be giving you tons more updates on this as things develop!
-Kickstarter is now slated to launch September 15th.
Updates soon!

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