Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crunch time

Well, we're pretty much unstoppable.
Managed to get through a lot of the Kickstarter video. Our idea is rather ambitious and involves a lot of location and wardrobe changes, but we burned through the more complicated half. We'll be shooting the remainder of the video next week up at Harper College, as well as interviewing Mimi's Garden entrepreneur Amy Fowler. Suuuuper pumped.
Today we filmed under the el tracks of the Armitage Station:
As well as at my favorite, the Field Museum:
Where the monetary gods were smiling upon us. Not only did we avoid the $22 minimum parking lot for a $4.00 hourly parking spot, but we also managed to negotiate our way from paying $32 to $24 because Mario, ever the prepared one, brought his student ID.
We wandered, getting appropriate shots where, we could, paying the badass Sue a visit:
Working with some good stuff here, folks. Things are really starting to roll. Expect to see a lot of activity here in the next few months...
Signing off til we realize we've forgotten to update yet again.

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