Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Idea Interview: Amy Fowler

Hello all!
So, check out where we went today the other day last week a few weeks ago:
That adorable little cottage is the location for Mimi's Garden, a small business that is run by the lovely Amy Fowler. Amy was nice enough to let us into her home and take us on a late-summer tour of her grounds, guarded by the fierce pup Jessie.

Big lesson of the day: time to start hoarding memory cards. We also finished up our kickstarter that day, and used up most of our memory space on that, leaving not much time to spend with Amy. It's not a film shoot if nothing goes wrong, can I get an amen up in here?
Almost at the point when Mario tells us we have, like, three minutes of footage.
So we had to choose the shots we wanted to do wisely, opting to focus on Amy's tour of the garden -- that, after all, isn't around for much longer but we can always go back and interview Amy later.

First we trailed around bees dipping in and out of the flowers for a while, trying to capture them on our cameras, their butts coated in bee pollen which, according to Amy, is a good thing.
Pictured: Pollen-coated bee ass.

We also got to film some plants going to seed -- anything Amy doesn't harvest to eat or sell she leaves to ripen in the garden, saving the seeds for the next season. She sells her seeds online too, and we'll be giving them out as kickstarter rewards at the $50 level. She pulled out some zucchini and showed us a fungi on her cherry tomatoes that was going to prevent her from saving the seeds for the next year. 
Some of Amy's seeds
Amy harvests a zucchini 

But the best part was the freshly-picked watermelon:

Don't be jealous, although you totally should be. 

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