Friday, March 1, 2013

March! Already! Crap!

How does the time go by so fast? I swear I just wrote an entry for this blog. And now it's March. And holy crap, there's only ten days left to the Kickstarter. Which is 2/3 of the way funded. So, if you haven't, please consider donating. We have super awesome cool fun-time rewards. Glow in the dark buttons! Stickers! Things we hand-make you because it's cheaper!
Awesome necklaces by a talented artist! Don't you waaaant? You get this AND....
...a one-of-a-kind scientific illustration (and other stuff!) for only $75. AWESOME. Right?!
Yeah, so, spread the word, tell your friends, tell your science-y friends, and your teacher friends, and parent friends, and your nerdy friends, and filmmaking friends, and just EVERYONE, ever.
And thank you to those of you who have supported so far. To those of you we know, we love you and thank you, to employ a cliche, from the bottom of our hearts. And to those of you who we don't know -- thank you for believing in what we're doing. It truly means a lot. And we are excited to send you your rewards! But, we still need some more funding to make all that happen, so repost, reblog, if you want some flyers, send us an email, we will try to get you some...let's keep this awesome momentum going.
Meanwhile, we're coordinating stuff with a puppeteer to do some ancient Greek myths told in puppet form. Yeah, that's right.
We're still trying to hunt down a few more interviews as well, so if any of you out there know a pilot, hockey player, food scientist, or genealogist, send them our way!
More updates soon. We have some video sneak peaks we're working on!

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