Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Pledge Prizes!

(Reposted from Kickstarter Update #4)
Well, isn't this just awesome.
105% funding with 5 days to go.
Well it took us a day or two to mention here but if you're following our facebook page or twitter you'll already know this: new awesome bonus prizes for new donors!
Here's the deal: for anyone who donates or increases their pledge after we've made the goal (there's already a few of you) you get this awwdorable plush knitted test tube. The pattern is provided by this amazing artist out of the UK; you can check out here stuff here. So tell your friends! ANY donation or pledge increase over $5 gets a cute lil guy (picture attached) in the color of your choice. We're adding it as a tier today. 
GAWD isn't he just the cutest?! COULD BE YOURS!

Not only that, but Rose Jermusyk, who wrote us an awesome poem for the webseries, has written 17 sonnets inspired by Star Trek: the Original Series. For the next 17 of you that either increase your pledge -- even by a dollar -- or give a new pledge gets a copy of one of the 17 sonnets. You can check out more of Rose's stuff on her blog.
We really would like to get to $3500. With the extra pledge money we would be able to buy a lavalier mic, which, for those of you who aren't into microphones, is one of those little clippy mics you put on an interviewee's collar or tie, and you get waaaay better sound in an interview than what we use now. Which is pretty much a win-win for everyone because who likes watching something with crappy sound? Not that our sound is crappy. But we wouldn't have to stop an interviewee every time a truck drives by, which would be nice. Kinda, you know, ruins the flow of an interview.
So help us get our lav mic! If we can reach $3500 we will be making a small knitted plush test tube for everyone! That's right, ALL of you will get a test tube of your own to cuddle! Wouldn't that be awesome?? 
We've got a little over 300 dollars to go. In 5 days. No problem, right guys?...right?
Spread the word! More updates to come!

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