Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time is an endless march...

Aaaaand it's May. Aaaaaand when did that happen. Holy crap.
I know the majority of these entries consist of us going, wow it's been a while, I know we haven't updated but we swear there's a lot going on. Which is usually the case except for the past few months.
Here's the truth: it's really really ridiculously hard to be consistently creative when you're also trying to pay your bills and break into an industry that's notoriously difficult to break in to, especially when it's a town as small as Chicago. Yeah yeah I know it's the third largest city in the US but when you've lived here as long as I have everything becomes super incestuous and begins to bleed together.
Also it seems like no one in my field ever dies or moves or changes careers because LORD there is no movement. You can hustle your ass off and still have to wait tables or work retail to pay rent and bills. 
Which has been the case. Truthfully, the reason there haven't been many updates is because of this. I am not using it as an excuse, but I am. And it is the last excuse I will make. It's crunch time. 
We've got animators working on cool, original stuff, and its time to start getting back into interviewing and shooting some recreation stuff. We've got a modern retelling of Pandora's box as well as some cool puppetry going on. Time to get to work and stop using busyness as an excuse to slack. Nap time is for the weak and sleeping is for losers and babies. 

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