Saturday, June 8, 2013

Interviewee of the Week: Amy Fowler

Hey out there, Big Idea friends!

We went back to Mimi's Garden yesterday! The last time we were there was late summer, and the unusually high temperatures had taken a toll on some of her plants.

Amy with one of her foster dogs
Producer/DP Mario Contreras hard at work.
It was interesting to hear how an equally harsh and long winter had an effect on her garden as well. It's amazing how different the garden looks in the spring. Squash that was swollen and heavy in the late summer were only delicate tendrils this time of the year -- more delicate, even, then they should be at this time of the year; we had an unusually drawn out spring that left many plants sick and/or weak.

Mario's dog Osito, the unofficial mascot of the day
Amy also had two adorable and sweet foster dogs. We loved seeing her dog, Jessie, again, and so did Mario's dog, Osito! They were also quite the troublemakers too, though. When we did the sit-down portion of Amy's interview Jessie kept interrupting!
Producer/Director Adora Wilson-Eye with Mimi's garden dogs
It was wonderful visiting Mimi's garden again, we always love seeing what Amy and her army of pups are up to! If you have a pup of your own be sure to check out Amy's site. She makes all-natural dog treats you can order from her web site.
Kickstarter backers will be getting those mugs!

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