Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here's the Deal...

Hello, friends of the Big Idea. This is your producer speaking. Hi there.

I have good and bad news for you.

Good: I got two jobs! 

Bad: I got two jobs.

What does this mean for you?
Here's the thing. This is a passion project I've been pursuing for years. As someone who has struggled as a creative for my entire life, it's been the only thing keeping me sane in between sparse freelance gigs and waiting tables. 
But someone finally gave me a chance and took a shot on a newbie twentysomething with no real film world experience. So here I am, going from waiting tables 25 hours a week and teaching kids video skills twice a week for a couple hours, to being granted a 30 hour-a-week gig as a production coordinator. 
Not to mention that Revolution interview with Morgan sure panned out -- I'm working there now too. BEER ALL THE TIME, people. My life is a dream.

This means good things for me, but it means your rewards aren't going to come as quickly as promised, and the series premiere is likely going to drag as well. I will not fall off the radar. This series will happen, I promise. But it won't be happening in a timely fashion. 
I promise, despite my big-girl job(s), that I won't get too big of a head and forget any of you. Keep you all posted, as always. 
Your lovely producer/director,
Adora Wilson-Eye

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