Friday, April 18, 2014

Life and such

The Big Idea is not dead. I swear.
Back right before rewards were supposed to come out, as you know, things changed drastically. I had a total life overhaul, going from working 35 hours a week to upwards of 70, and sadly, this project fell by the wayside. Most of the animators dropped out, the experiment shoots were pushed back, and everything was at a standstill for months. The longer things have gone, the harder it is to kick things back into gear.
Hard to believe it's been over a year since the kickstarter was funded, but we're looking down that barrel now, and I know if I don't get shit stirred up real soon it'll never happen. So, here we are. Most of the rewards have come in.
In the meantime, we are taking a hard look at retooling the series. Sadly, we had to pull an episode due to the fact that we had a serious lack of content for it. So sorry for anyone who was really looking forward to angles. It was impossible to find the people we needed to interview for it.
We are also taking a good, hard look at doing an overhaul of the structure of the series. I've been meeting with our new editor, Danny Fogarty, over how exactly we are going to structure the footage we have. This weekend we will be solidifying that structure, which will likely be more experimental in nature than originally planned. Updates will be coming on that.
However, one thing is troubling me. The DVD reward -- does anyone really want this? The entire series will be available online for free and fair use. We were thinking instead about going with a flash drive to load the series onto, and are getting quotes and mockups of drives right now. We figured this would generally be more useful. But if any of our backers are against this and still want a DVD, please send me a message, because I am very happy to do so. Otherwise, if you donated at the $25 level, you will receive a thumb drive rather than a DVD.
That's all for now, I will leave you with a picture of the Big Idea instagram prints you will be receiving.
Again, many apologies for the extreme delay in your rewards. They are coming, I swear!!! I PROMISE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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